Important information for tourists

Chumphon is an old city and has a long history. It is the gateway to other southern provinces. It has the long beaches, of 222 kilometers, and 30 islands. The beautiful blue sea, the green nature, shore reefs, anemone, and many kinds of fish make Chumphon a perfect place for a new style of tourism.

Moreover, Chumphon is a city of fruit farms. The fruit season is from July to August. There are many kinds of famous fruits, for example, finger banana, durian, southern langsat, rambutan, and mangosteen. Therefore, the province is suitable for agricultural tourism where tourists can observe lives of fruit farmers, participate in activities in fruit farms, and enjoy eating many kinds of fruits at the same time. The tourists can enjoy beautiful forests and limestone mountain ranges. Through the paths, tourists are surrounded by fruit farms which create the shady green atmosphere. In addition, Chumphon also has many historical places to visit.

Important phone numbers

Chumphon’s provincial office

Tel. 0 7751 1551, 0 7751 1468

Chumphon’s provincial public relation

Tel. 0 7751 1981

Chumphon’s provincial transportation office

Tel. 0 7765 8264-5

Sub-division of provincial police of Chumphon

Tel. 0 7751 1004

Chumphon’s provincial hospital

Tel. 0 7750 3627

Municipality of Chumphon

Tel. 0 7751 1024

Chumphon railway station

Tel. 0 7751 1103

Pathomporn bus terminal (Provincial Administrative Organization of Chumphon)

Tel. 0 7757 6803

Provincial Administrative Organization of Chumphon

Tel. 0 7750 3035

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chumphon office

Tel. 0 7750 1831-2, 0 7750 2775-6

Provincial post office of Chumphon

Tel. 0 7751 1012, 0 7751 1028

Highway Police

Tel. 0 7753 4200-1, 1193

Tourist Police

Tel. 1155

Telephone number information

Tel. 1133