Celebration to honor Prince of Chumphon Shrine and the Red Cross Festival

The festival is held during 19-27 December of every year in Mueang Chumphon District to honour HRH Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon, the founder of Thai modern navy, whom people in and outside Chumphon highly respect. The festival also aims to promote tourism and raise funds for the charity. The main activities are, for example, appeasing the spirit of HRH Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon, held in the first day of festival which is 19 December. There are also honorary processions, exhibition of Prince of Chumphon’s life, a coconut collecting contest, local art shows, and other entertainment shows.

Lang Suan’s Fruit Fair

Lang Suan’s Fruit Fair is annually held between 12-18 August, the harvest time of many kinds of fruits, such as, rambutan, durian, and zalacca. It is another activity in Lang Suan which is held to promote the province as a tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists. It also spreads the reputation of fruit markets in Chumphon. As for in Lang Suan District itself, the fruit market is behind the center of the district where transportation is convenient. The fair is held in Lang Suan District, on Highway no. 41, 76 kilometers from Mueang Chumphon District. Tourists can taste, select, and buy many kinds of fruit for themselves or buy them as souvenirs.

Raptor Watching Festival

The Raptor Watching Festival is held in October in Chumphon. The province is the region’s landbridge, located on the migration route of hundreds of thousands of birds. They pass Chumphon to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, or even Australia. The interesting activities are, for example, raptor watching and counting, visiting the raptor exhibition, or raptor and natural preservation in Chumphon exhibition. For further information, please call the Municipality Office of Tha Yang, tel. no. 07 755 3360, 07 755 3497 or www.TaYangCity.go.th

Boat Racing Festival (Khun Khone Ching Thong)

The Boat Racing Festival is a cultural heritage passed down through many generations. It brings about the community unity and affirms local uniqueness. It is held on the 1st waning moon day, in the 11th month of every year. The day is called Wan Phra Sa Dej. People row their boats with Buddha statues to Daan Pra Cha Korn Temple. On this day, people make merits, and present robes to monks. During the day, they hold boat racing. Many rowers dress up in colorful clothes and joyfully sing. There are only two competitors in each match. The winning (team) of each match is rewarded with colorful cloth to tie up on the head of their boat. The number of this award cloth indicates the number of matches they won. After the racing, they sew these clothes together into a curtain for a temple. Boat Racing Festival or Khun Khone Ching Thong, as the local people call it, is held at Lang Suan River every year. Tourists can go there by taking Highway no.41 from Mueang Chumphon District to Lang Suan District. The total distance is around 76 kilometers long.