Sawi District


Sawi District is under the influence of two monsoons. As a result, it rains almost all the year. There are two seasons which are summer and rainy season.

Summer It starts from the end of December to the beginning of June. The weather is relatively cold in the beginning of summer for a short period, then it will be hot through the season.

Rainy season It starts from the end of June to the beginning of December.


Sawi is divided into 11 subdistricts, 114 villages, which are

Na Poh Subdistrict

8 villages

Tah Hin Subdistrict

10 villages

Thung Raya Subdistrict

11 villages

Kron Subdistrict

14 villages

Daan Sawi Subdistrict

11 villages

Khao Thalu Subdistrict

11 villages

Na Sak Subdistrict

17 villages

Khao Khai Subdistrict

12 villages

Sawi Subdistrict

4 villages

Park Praek Subdistrict

6 villages

Wisai Tai Subdistrict

10 villages
Important natural resources

Important natural resources in Sawi District are, for example,

  • Tanao Sri Mountain Range, lying from the north to the south. It is a fertile tropical forest resource.
  • The 20 kilometers of coastline along the Gulf of Thailand, lying from the north to the south. In the east of this area are the peaceful beautiful natural beach and fertile mangrove forests where aquatic animals live and grow.
  • Natural water resources. Three rivers run from the west to the east and eventually to the Gulf of Thailand. Main rivers in the district are Sawi Thao River, Sawi Num River.
  • Fishing community on the coast
  • Tropical forests and ecologically-rich areas through Tanao Sri Mountain Range. In the east of the Mountain Range are the rich tropical forests. The trees existing in the forest are, for example, Padauk, Makha, and Xylia kereii craib.
  • • Raw water sources. The sources are in the monsoon zones of the both sides of the coasts. Raw water sources comprises all rivers and creeks. It rains often almost throughout the year, except from March to May.
  • • Many kinds of woods. Sawi district has biologically-rich forests where many kinds of woods grow, for example, ingrin wood, Selangen batu wood, Makha wood, Xylia kereii craib wood, Padauk wood, etc.
Agriculture and industry

The main agricultural products are Robusta coffee, coconut, rubber, durian, palm, southern langsat, finger banana, pineapple, wintergreen, and zalacca.

The main water resources are Sawi Thao and Sawi Num Rivers, and Wisai canal.