Pathio District

Geographical features

The geography in the district is mountainous, highhills, flatland and sloped land adjoined to the eastern side. The district borders the Gulf of Thailand for 80 kilometer.


The district has 3 seasons, which are summer starting from February to April, rainy season starting from May to November, and winter starting from December to January of every year. It rains heavily in Pathio District almost throughout the year due to the influence of Southwest wind which moves over the Indian Ocean and Northeast wind which moves over the the Gulf of Thailand.


(พ.ศ.2555) Currently (as of the year 2012), Pathio District is divided into 7 subdistricts, 75 villages, as follows,

Bang Son Subdistrict

8 villages

Sa Pli Subdistrict

11 villages

Don Yang Subdistrict

16 villages

Khao Cahiraj Subdistrict

11 villages

Thalaesup Subdistrict

8 villages

Chumkho Subdistrict

14 villages

Park Klong Subdistrict

7 villages
Important natural resources

Sandhills and beautiful beaches, sea. mangrove forest, land forest, islands with beautiful coral. The district’s coast is 80 Kilometers long.

Agriculture and industry

The main agricultural products are rubber, palm, durian, rambutan, and mangosteen

The main water resources are Bang Son and Wang Chang canals