Mueang District


As for the governance, Mueang Chumphon District is divided into 17 subdistricts, 161 villages as follows,

Park Nam Subdistrict

10 villages

Tham Singh Subdistirct

6 villages

Bang Mark Subdistirct

12 villages

Na Thung Subdistirct

7 villages

Tak Dad Subdistirct

9 villages

Tha Yang Subdistirct

11 villages

Bang Luek Subdistirct

12 villages

Na Cha-ang Subdistirct

9 villages

Wang Phai Subdistrict

13 villages

Wang Mai Subdistirct

9 villages

Khun Kra Thing Subdistirct

8 villages

Wisai Nuea Subdistirct

12 villages

Hard Phan Krai Subdistirct

12 villages

Baan Na Subdistirct

13 villages

Thung Kha Subdistirct

11 villages

Hard Sai Ree Subdistirct

7 villages
Economic information

Major economic sectors: Agriculture, commerce and service

Other economic sectors: General employment

Bank: 18 banks

Shopping mall: 1 mall


Secondary schools in the district are,

  • Sri Ya Phai School
  • Sa-ard Phaderm Wittaya School
  • Thung Kha Pittayakarn School
  • Chumphon Wittaya School
  • Park Narm Chumphon Wittaya School
Important natural resources

Important natural resources in the district are as follows

  • 198,086 Rai of reserved forest, 34,124 Rai of mangrove forest, 85,000 Rai of wildlife sanctuary, 94,000 Rai of national park. The forestland totally covers 411,210 Rai.
  • Ten islands. Five of them have bird’s nest.
  • The soils in the district are laom, sandy soil, and clay.
  • There are two types of minerals, which are limestone and glass sand
  • Water resources. There are 3 main water sources, which are Tha Taphao River Branch which comprises 12 creeks which are totally 210 kilometers long, Chumphon River Branch which originates from Chumphon Canal and comprise 22 creeks which are totally 208 Kilometers long, and Sawi Thao River Branch which has Wisai Canal as the main branch and is around 93 kilometers long.

There are three main transportation ways in Mueang Chumphon District, which are

  • By car : Highway no. 4 and no. 41, connecting with Road no. 4 and Si Yek Pathomporn Road
  • Bus station: Telephone number 0-7750-2725
  • Railway station : Telephone number 0-7751-1013
Agriculture and industry

The main agricultural products are fruits, such as, durian, mangosteen, rambutan, southern langsat, langsat, rubber, coffee, palm, and coconut.

The main water resources are Tha Taphao River Branch, Chumphon River Branch, and Sawi Thao River Branch