Langsuan District


It rains regularly throughout the year, especially from June to December. The weather is hot from March to May. As for from January to February, the weather is quite warm or cold in some years.


Langsuan District is divided into 11 subdistricts, 141 villages as follows,

Bang Nam Jued Subdistrict

14 villages

Park Nam Subdistrict

6 villages

Por Daeng Subdistrict

10 villages

Laem Sai Subdistrict

12 villages

Wang Takhor Subdistrict

13 villages

Bang Maphraow Subdistrict

14 villages

Tha Mapla Subdistrict

9 villages

Na Kha Subdistrict

13 villages

Na Paya Subdistrict

19 villages

Baan Khuan Subdistrict

18 villages

Had Yai Subdistrict

13 villages
Important natural resources

Important natural resources in Lang Suan District are

Forestry. Most of them are rubber woods, Shorea henryana, Malacca teak, and other hardwoods (non-teak)

Agriculture and industtry
are durian, mangosteen, rambutan, finger banana, southern langsat, plam, rubber.

The main water resources are Lang Suan River and Thammang Canal