Lamae District

District’s slogan

Beautiful beaches, clear seawater, Jampoon Waterfall, Gros Michel Banana, hot spring, Khao Plu Cave, boat racing, Mae Jo University

District office’s address

Moo 9, Lamae Subdistrict, Lamae District, Chumphon province

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Originally, Lamae District was subordinate to Khan Ngern District. It was a small community by the sea where aquatic animals were abundant. In the year 1892, Lang Suan Province became a district of Chumphon Province, but Lamae District was still under the administration of Lang Suan District. All its bureaucratic affairs were done at Lang Saun District Office as usual. However, the population of Lamae District was quite large. As the district was wide, and the transportation to Lang Saun was inconvenient, therefore, on 1 July 1971, the Ministry of Interior changed it to be a minor district, and on 13 April 1977, the declaration in the government gazette changed it to be a district.

The word “Lamae” may sound like it was derived from a Muslim community. In fact, none of original residents in the district were Muslims. The elders in the area claimed that the word “Lamae” may be derived from “Lamaee”. But some claimed that the word “Lamae” might be used to describe the local geography on the side of the Gulf of Thailand from Trat Province to the southern provinces. It was an ancient Khmer word, and could be used either as a tool, animal, tree, island, or even a mountain. A mountain is located in the east of Lamae Railway Station. Looking from the station or the beach, the mountain looked like a crouching mouse. According to Khmer dictionaries, “Lamh” is an ancient Khmer word, meaning a mouse’s spirit. It is possible that people migrated from the north and the local people were Khmer, and spoke Khmer language. They might have used this word to name the mountain, and it later became “Lamae”.

The first community in Lamae District was Baan Park Nam Lamae Community. It was on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. In the past, water transportation was the main transportation way. The elders in the community said that there were few local people, but people from other regions migrated here for commerce and fishery. Lamae River Delta was a transit place for many products, especially salt which were loaded in argosies from Phetchaburi and sold in citied located on the coastline. When they returned from Lamae River Delta, they loaded sawed wood, charcoal, and other resources from the forests back to Mae Klong to sell them further. It is believed that Park Nam Lamae Community was founded before the year 1909, It was divided into villages. The first leader of the community was Mr. Charoon whose home town was actually in central Thailand. Aun Phalachun was the first subdistrict headman. At that time, it was subordinate to Lang Suan District. In the year 1970, the community was divided into 16 villages, or 3 subdistricts, which were, Lamae Subdistrict (original), Thung Luang, and Suan Teang Subdistricts. They became Lamae Minor District on 1 July 1971. The first minor district chief was Wirat Wongwarothai, and on 13 April 1977, the Government Gazette declared its status to be a district.


Lamae District is located in the south of Chumphon Province. Its area covers 339.98 square Kilometers or around 212,500 Rai, equivalent to 5.30% of Chumphon Province’s area. Lamae District borders otherdistricts as follows,

To the north

Lang Suan and Phato District, Chumphon Province

To the south

Tha Chana District, Surat Thani Province

To the east

The Gulf of Thailand

To the west

Phato District, Chumphon Province